• Fees in India Rs. 59,000
  • Fees outside India $ 1,000
  • Earning Potential 3 to 4%
  • Duration 3 months

Senior Secondary

  • Fees in India Rs. 1,18,000
  • Fees outside India $ 2,000
  • Earning Potential Up to 7%
  • Duration 6 months

Graduation Level

  • Fees in India Rs. 1,77,000
  • Fees outside India $ 3,000
  • Earning Potential Up to 10%
  • Duration 1 yr.

Post Graduation

  • Fees in India Rs. 2,95,000
  • Fees outside India $ 5,000
  • Earning Potential Up to 15%
  • Duration 1.5 yr.

Researcher Level

  • Fees in India Rs. 5,90,000
  • Fees outside India $ 10,000
  • Earning Potential Up to 20%
  • Duration 2.5 yr

Binary Option Trading

  • Fees in India Rs. 17,700
  • Fees outside India $ 200
  • Earning Potential N A
  • Duration 15 days

MT4 - Operation

MT4 - Operation is a platform for trading Forex, analyzing financial markets and using Expert Advisors. Mobile trading, Trading Signals and the Market are the integral parts of MT4 - Operation that enhance your Forex trading experience.

Why Choose Us?

The only trader training program where you get in depth knowledge of Fundamental, Technical and Emotional Analysis and how to use them to generate consistent profits.

Unique Technology & Strategies

We provide such technology & strategy to trade which are created in our research lab & you will never find anywhere.

Trading Support

We also provide exclusive trading segment to our students who enter the area of trading after completion of their course.


We are connected with the top most professional portfolio management company and trading brokers world wide, to help in getting placement to our students.

Job Certainty

After successful completion of course and while pursuing the course, We offer several kinds of job in house.

24*7 Teaching Support

Our back-end team of experts is always ready to resolve your issue/query all the time.

Our Predictions

We provide the best suitable liquidity for entry & exit into the currency futures trade. Our experts encash the best opportunities in FOREX market to enhance the overall portfolio return of the investors. We provide the best possible return with minimum risk involvement to ensure best returns to our investors.


  • Student shall get Admission Enrolment No. and classroom password.
  • On entering the classroom, he will be given chapters with timeframe to complete.
  • Video tutorials for every chapter.
  • Meta trade 5 terminal Demo Account.
  • Daily market reports
  • Daily trading entries and exits
  • Mail supports