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Welcome to Forcica School Of Forex Trading

We offer professional instruction in all of our state-of-the-art teaching facilities around the world, as well as a wide array of online study materials. We offer online courses for different levels for teaching beginners how to trade the foreign exchange – Forex – market. It is the first and most comprehensive collection of Forex lessons on the web, which starts with the basics of Forex, such as Forex brokers, fundamental and technical analysis, Japanese Candlesticks and support and resistance levels, and then advances readers to other topics, such as chart patterns, Fibonacci, risk management, time-frame analysis, position sizing, using a trade journal, setting stop-losses and identifying your trading style. Along the way, readers are tested on their retention and understanding of the material by taking lesson-ending quizzes.

Courses we offer

MT4 - Operation

Know about Forex Trading like:

  • What is Forex?
  • Why Trade Forex?
  • Who Trades Forex?
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Binary Option

Here you will know about:

  • Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
  • Important Chart Patterns
  • Pivot Points
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Forex Trading

Here you will know about:

  • Trading Divergences
  • Market Environment
  • Trading Breakouts and Fakeouts
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Why Choose Us?

The only trader training program where you get in depth knowledge of Fundamental, Technical and Emotional Analysis and how to use them to generate consistent profits.

Unique Technology & Strategies

We provide such technology & strategy to trade which are created in our research lab & you will never find anywhere.

Trading Support

We also provide exclusive trading segment to our students who enter the area of trading after completion of their course.


We are connected with the top most professional portfolio management company and trading brokers world wide, to help in getting placement to our students.

Job Certainty

After successful completion of course and while pursuing the course, We offer several kinds of job in house.

24*7 Teaching Support

Our back-end team of experts is always ready to resolve your issue/query all the time.

Our Predictions

We provide the best suitable liquidity for entry & exit into the currency futures trade. Our experts encash the best opportunities in FOREX market to enhance the overall portfolio return of the investors. We provide the best possible return with minimum risk involvement to ensure best returns to our investors.

What Our Students Are Saying Now

4.72 out of 5


This is something like profit making machine. We have tried to show you our worthiness that what we are teaching, we are capable for doing the same. We have no difference in wht we say and what we do.

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Our Instructors

Mrs. Ratna Sharma is the director of Forcica commodity solutions for OPC Private Limited. She is the winner of sociactivist award of 2007. She is post graduate in Sociology stream. She has still support the thousands of members of weaker section of the society. She is the Famous analyst and researcher in National and International Forex trading markets.

She is started a company 5 years back which is providing the job oriented education at National and International arena to strengthen the common man by getting a technique to earn in Forex trading market so that every person must not be worried for the finacial problems. A great job is being done by her for the betterment of the common man.